The Lord is near

The Lord is near

“The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.” (Psalm 145:18)

We live in very strange times. The coronavirus pandemic has affected our lives in many different ways. We are affected in unique ways, but there are also effects that are common to us all. One thing that is the same for us all, wherever we live and whatever we do, is this: we are told to stay away from one another.

This is hard. As human being we are wired for community. Even the most extreme introvert needs company and companionship. Yet our current situation call for us to stay apart for each other. The picture of two friends sitting next to one another seems a rather distant memory. We long to be near one another again, not at arms length.

As we think about the distance we feel amongst friends and family, there is a danger we can start feeling the same way about God. Just as those around us seem far away, perhaps God feels far away too. If those we know are staying away from us, is our Heavenly Father staying away from us as well?

It might not be the coronavirus that makes us feel as if God is keeping his distance. Perhaps we think our sins and failures keep God away from us. Maybe we consider our lack of holiness a reason for God to stay away. We could list a lot of reasons why God might keep away from us and maintain his distance.

But none of that is true. God is near. Psalm 145 has a wonderful corrective to our negative thoughts. “The Lord is near to all who call on him…” You can imagine all kinds of reasons why God might stay away from you, but he does not. He comes near. He is near.

As we feel far apart from friends and family at this time, here is a truth for us to cling to. God is not far away from us. He is near, and he remains near to all who call out to him. Let’s rejoice in the nearness of our Heavenly Father today.

Photo by Joshua Sazon on Unsplash